LAIR Residencies / Vanessa Sanchez

Pachuquismo, mixing Son Jarocho and Tap Dance with soulful Mexican musical rhythms, Bruja reinvents and regains the Latina-Xicana Power. 

Bruja is a theater performance showcasing and empowering Xicanas and Latina women of the Bay Area through rhythm, music, and dance. An exploration of the history of the Xicana experience through non-stereotypical artistic expression with a cultural and historical context spanning from the 1940’s (early Xicano history) through today.

Bruja, full performance (39:37)


September 2, 2017

Created by Vanessa Sanchez/La Mezcla featuring bien firme

Presented by EastSide Arts Alliance, NAKA Dance Theater, and La Mezcla

Supported in part by the Akonadi Foundation and Dancers Group CA$H Grant